Rock Creek Inn at Rockaway Beach 
The best value on the north Oregon coast...

Gift Certificates

We do offer gift certificates for sale.
If you would like to buy a gift certificate for family or friends you would be able to get them from our manager. Please contact our manager at 1-800-710-7625 Or email: 

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are always a good idea as you can share with your family and friends what you have discovered and experience at the Rock Creek Inn Condo at Rockaway Beach. It is a gift that they will never forget and never stop talking about. You will be a hit with them for a long time
Customer testimonials
We were given a gift certificate to Rock Creek Inn for our wedding from our best friend so we decided to use it for our honey moon. My gosh what a nice surprise we had when we came here! It was so quite, cosy and romantic! It was just the perfect getaway that we needed to solidify our relationship. We are more in love than ever! We will miss this love nest. But we have decided to come back every year to celebrate our union. This was a gift that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.
Sue and Gerald, ID
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